sculptor’s portfolio



MM was born in Perth, western Australia. MM works predominantly with clay and in her sculptural pieces integrates different metal wires, steel and copper.MM completed an CIII and IV in ceramics at Sydney school of ceramics and has almost completed her MFA at UNSW Art and Design. She has exhibited in Hunters Hill Sculpture exhibition and 2014 SXS Bondi. She is represented  by Frances Keevil A G and currently lives in Sydney.


Artist statement

I am most comfortable working with clay and enjoy the challenge of integrating metal and steel into the sculptures I create.  My creativity is enriched by continual learning and its challenges. I also love integrating traditional techniques into my contemporary artworks and am inspired by the earth, its minerals and the fragility of life.

McElhone currently studies at UNSW, and works part time as an art consultant. Born in Perth Western Australia, she now lives in Sydney with her family and dog Yoko.